Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bum Leg...

Well it may be over.

Over the past few weeks I have been feeling a bad pain in my lower left leg. I thought it was just strained or whatever, so I kept running on it. I am not sure how good of an idea this was because now I can barely walk. My sister did some tests for me and I can't even balance on my left leg, raise to the ball of my foot or anything. Its excruciating.

I have made it up to 6 miles which is about half way of my half marathon. Honestly, I feel like I am going to have to throw in the towel. I have a month and a half left to complete all of the training and right now I can't even walk.

It's scary...I am only 23 and this is what is happening. Unforunately, my health insurance wont cover anything under 3,000 bucks- so if I had to get an MRI it would be 1,000 bucks, not including the doctor's visits.

I have no idea what I should do.
I am just going to wait it out and hope the pain will magically go away.....

Friday, March 06, 2009


I would like to say that by far one of the best websites is fmylife.com
This website makes anyone smile- not matter how much bullshit they have been putting up with in one day. I wonder if somethings are made up, but honestly I don't care. If people can come up with these ridiculous things that happen then more power to them.

Here is a quick listing of my favorites for you newbies:
Today, my daughter asked me when was the first time I had sex. After I told her 22 she quickly shouted, "Beat ya!" She's thirteen. FML

Today, I was at this awesome party and I was dancing with this really attractive girl who started making out with me all of a sudden. Five minutes later, my friend told me that the girl had just given him a blowjob. FML

Today, I was telling my boyfriend I had fake orgasms all the time to piss him off. He replied: "that's okay, I'm f***ing three other girls." FML

Today, to remind myself to write a check for my speech and debate team (Lynbrook Speech and Debate), I wrote "LSD money" on the back of my hand. The Vice Principal saw it, dragged me to the office, and called my parents. FML

shabby cheek