Sunday, August 29, 2010


I am torn..... I have been trying to decide how to focus my blog. Maybe on the new house/decorating, my training, life, I just don't know at this point. I am going to try to start chronically purchases for the house/ design features Josh and I are doing and go from there! Hope all will enjoy!

First up, the dinning room. In our current apartment, have a 2 top bistro table. Nothing fancy, Josh's dad had it in his basement and offered it to us. Honestly, we use it for special meals, birthdays, but mostly it sits and collects dust. We really sit in the family room and eat dinner there- who doesn't!? Well, our new house has a huge dining room, biggest room in the house. See below:

So we knew we needed an investment piece of furniture. We decided with all new furniture we have to buy we want to spend under $1,000 dollars. Kind of a tough task when we need to buy
1. Dining room set
2. Patio furniture
3. TV [currently use the big box set!]
4. TV stand
5. Coffee table for living room

The first thing I did was go onto Craigslist. I have HEARD horror stories, but I feel I am a pretty good shopper and my dad planned on going with me to places since Josh was in Colorado Springs still. So first one I find, 2 year old pottery barn 7 piece for $250 dollars. Amazing piece, set up the showing, go to the house, they sold it that morning...womp womp!

Lesson learned! If you like it go right away. So I kept plugging away and saw an add for a $300 dollar antique 7 piece. From all the pictures it looked brand new so I called and emailed the woman. She said someone was coming to look at it at 1:00pm the next day so I told her we would be there at noon. {gotta be cut throat!} Show up and wow it is the most amazing dining room set ever. It is from Belgium, and the table top used to be an old Abbey door that has been redone. The woman who was selling it went through a bad divorce and was just wanting it gone, original price spent on the table over $2,500 dollars! WOW! After some VERY heavy lifting, I mean very heavy we got it down to store at my parents house while we wait to move. The chairs are all hand made and there are no screws at all- it is all made from wooden dowels. I don't have the picture
of the table anymore, but will post one soon!

shabby cheek