Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Wow ok soo much for keeping a blog!! lol I'm always bad at keeping journal kinda stuff!! Anyway a lot has happened since spring break!! School started up again, lip sync is in full swing, Deidre came out this last weekend, and i got into a car accident. Ya basically when it rains...it pours... School basically sucks and I am getting more stressed out then ever! I'm a nerd like that. Then I got into a car accident when i got back from picking up Deidre from the airport, we slid on the ice, drove down the interstate backwards, then slammed into the guardrail. The parents were definitely pissed and I rode in the back of a cop car for the first time in my life! lol It's obviously been interesting out here in Iowa!!
But this week has been crazy!! 3 hour long lip sync practice, tests, sigma kappa shit in general, the business fraternity (i'm getting initiated saturday), plus FORMAL is saturday. And GREEK WEEK is next week. I can't wait...i'm said i cant' drink..lol, but it's gonna be fun even tho. Life is getting crazy and its even crazier to think that freshman year is almost over! Alright i gotta get to bed!!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Spring Break over?!?!?!

Yes, this crazy week has come to an end. I am more in shock then anything. I thought I would have plenty of time to finish and get ahead in homework (ya...not even close) i was going to catch up on some movie watching, work out, and still be bored out of my freaking mind. Instead, to my surprise I actually was never bored. It always seemed like i had something to do and my list never ended. This just proves my point that there needs to be more hours in a day. If i didn't find myself bored in Castle Rock, stranded at my house for a week then the world must be ending.
Well i actually wasn't stranded here all the time...I went up to Golden, School of Mines thursday for St. Patrick's Day so my BF (best friend) could see her BF (boy friend)...ohh i'm soo funny :) It was fun to get out, but the couch was not cool to sleep on!! Then i woke up early to watch the boy's basketball game..but of course they don't show the freakin midwest games here. So i had to watch OK state while staring at the ticker at the top, pathetic! but we won anyway!! WOOP GO STATE!! next we play #1 unc...i'm praying for an upset! Then, last night i went to Regis University with Bo and Joe. And of course randomness fun ensued. I met girls from their volleyball team who i went to camps with the past 3 years, met a guy i used to play basketball with back in junior high rec leagues, met a guy from U of A who went a high school by Katelyn's and who played summer baseball with Scott, and saw a kid from high school wasted and fighting another guy. Weird i know! I told Deidre about the night and she was like how do you always meet the most random people and you have connections to them. I can honestly say...i have no idea how this happens, but it makes for great stories! Well now i have to finish laundry, packing, and reading!! back to Ames in the morning..i'm excited but at the same time i know what the next two weeks hold...tests, lip sync, Deltasig initation..and life in general..gah!


Thursday, March 17, 2005

Well today i set out on an adventure of trying to find a job! Really all i am looking for is something with a lot of hours that pays decent. I applied 2 places, then i felt fulfilled for the day and came back to watch Oprah!
Then later i went out to see my nephews...they are adorable in case anyone is wondering. I played Mario Sunshine and Mario Kart on game cube for what felt like 10 hours. And unfortunately i got beat by Jack a 4 year old. It kills me that a 4 year old can beat me at stupid mario kart..i better get practicing. So then i went to go get some dinner at Chic-fil-a, I ordered then as i was coming around the corner some car from behind me sped past and beat me to the window. Of course, me with my fiery temper and no patience; i freaked out! I pulled the Dane Cook...um..hello line. And sat there looking ahead of me with the death stare. It really bothered me, and more then anything i was completely confused. But don't worry i got my 4 piece chicken strip pack ok.
Here are some songs i am addicted to right now courtesy of Deidre and Tim: The Fray: Cable Car, Jack Johnson: sitting, waiting, wishing; better together; breakdown and of course my favorite country: Kenny Chesney: Anything but Mine
Well i suppose that's it for now..i have a busy day of cleaning, exercising, and picking up D tomorrow..phew.. HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! The day of my ancestors ( by the way i got a shirt that says kiss me i'm irish...heck yes!) green beer for all today :)
as kip would say...peath out

Monday, March 14, 2005

My Weekend

So after everyone left me (besides Laura) up in Ames I decided at 10 pm friday night i would drive to Omaha and stay with my cousin and aunt. It was a nice drive...i miss driving!! I had a nice chat with my cuz, Lindy a junior in HS, she changed everytime i see her and each time i see her i feel old!! Well i get to the Airport Saturday afternoon in plenty of time and i hear this random laughing distinguishable laugh behind me. As random as the world is, it was Kathy Scortino a senior and last semester's president of Sigma Kappa. And sure enough we were seated right next to each other on the plane, it was fun, nice and surprising. Things like that never happen to me.....i always get stuck on the opposite end of the plane from a hot guy or separated from my family! Anyway, I went up to Boulder to see Deidre, Megan, and Tim and...randomly my ex- Scott. I was really excited to see them and excited to party (i know me excited to party?! never!) Let's just say i expected too much from the evening; i was tired and i feel kind sad for myself as Laura and Kim are out on the beach in Puerto Rico and Rachel is down in Florida. I want something exciting to tell my friends back home about break! Well the next day i went shopping with Deidre then went down to School of Mines to see Davy. It is sooo interesting to see how different colleges/universities are.
Anyway, today i talked to my best friend in the whole world, Katelyn. I miss her soo much and I haven't seen her in a year...it sucks. Even though we rarely get time to talk because both of us have opposite schedules, we still can pick up our convos. It is amazing how similar our lives are even tho she is in Cali and I'm in Iowa. We both agree...college is the place to be. I love my high school friends to death, but our lives are just so different now. We have different priorities, friends, everything!!! It's so weird how much you grow and learn about yourself and life from meeting and being around different people. anyway...taco salad is ready...yes i love being home with mom cooking and taking care of me!

This is my first blog...

After going up to the School of Mines and seeing good ol' Davy Crockett he told me about a little thing called Blog/Blogging...So i decided to try it out! Plus, over this long long Spring Break week i figure i will be bored out of my mind..so i gues it will take up sometime!! :)

shabby cheek