Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Wow ok soo much for keeping a blog!! lol I'm always bad at keeping journal kinda stuff!! Anyway a lot has happened since spring break!! School started up again, lip sync is in full swing, Deidre came out this last weekend, and i got into a car accident. Ya basically when it rains...it pours... School basically sucks and I am getting more stressed out then ever! I'm a nerd like that. Then I got into a car accident when i got back from picking up Deidre from the airport, we slid on the ice, drove down the interstate backwards, then slammed into the guardrail. The parents were definitely pissed and I rode in the back of a cop car for the first time in my life! lol It's obviously been interesting out here in Iowa!!
But this week has been crazy!! 3 hour long lip sync practice, tests, sigma kappa shit in general, the business fraternity (i'm getting initiated saturday), plus FORMAL is saturday. And GREEK WEEK is next week. I can't wait...i'm said i cant' drink..lol, but it's gonna be fun even tho. Life is getting crazy and its even crazier to think that freshman year is almost over! Alright i gotta get to bed!!


shabby cheek