Thursday, March 17, 2005

Well today i set out on an adventure of trying to find a job! Really all i am looking for is something with a lot of hours that pays decent. I applied 2 places, then i felt fulfilled for the day and came back to watch Oprah!
Then later i went out to see my nephews...they are adorable in case anyone is wondering. I played Mario Sunshine and Mario Kart on game cube for what felt like 10 hours. And unfortunately i got beat by Jack a 4 year old. It kills me that a 4 year old can beat me at stupid mario kart..i better get practicing. So then i went to go get some dinner at Chic-fil-a, I ordered then as i was coming around the corner some car from behind me sped past and beat me to the window. Of course, me with my fiery temper and no patience; i freaked out! I pulled the Dane line. And sat there looking ahead of me with the death stare. It really bothered me, and more then anything i was completely confused. But don't worry i got my 4 piece chicken strip pack ok.
Here are some songs i am addicted to right now courtesy of Deidre and Tim: The Fray: Cable Car, Jack Johnson: sitting, waiting, wishing; better together; breakdown and of course my favorite country: Kenny Chesney: Anything but Mine
Well i suppose that's it for now..i have a busy day of cleaning, exercising, and picking up D tomorrow..phew.. HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! The day of my ancestors ( by the way i got a shirt that says kiss me i'm irish...heck yes!) green beer for all today :)
as kip would say...peath out


shabby cheek