Monday, March 14, 2005

My Weekend

So after everyone left me (besides Laura) up in Ames I decided at 10 pm friday night i would drive to Omaha and stay with my cousin and aunt. It was a nice drive...i miss driving!! I had a nice chat with my cuz, Lindy a junior in HS, she changed everytime i see her and each time i see her i feel old!! Well i get to the Airport Saturday afternoon in plenty of time and i hear this random laughing distinguishable laugh behind me. As random as the world is, it was Kathy Scortino a senior and last semester's president of Sigma Kappa. And sure enough we were seated right next to each other on the plane, it was fun, nice and surprising. Things like that never happen to me.....i always get stuck on the opposite end of the plane from a hot guy or separated from my family! Anyway, I went up to Boulder to see Deidre, Megan, and Tim and...randomly my ex- Scott. I was really excited to see them and excited to party (i know me excited to party?! never!) Let's just say i expected too much from the evening; i was tired and i feel kind sad for myself as Laura and Kim are out on the beach in Puerto Rico and Rachel is down in Florida. I want something exciting to tell my friends back home about break! Well the next day i went shopping with Deidre then went down to School of Mines to see Davy. It is sooo interesting to see how different colleges/universities are.
Anyway, today i talked to my best friend in the whole world, Katelyn. I miss her soo much and I haven't seen her in a sucks. Even though we rarely get time to talk because both of us have opposite schedules, we still can pick up our convos. It is amazing how similar our lives are even tho she is in Cali and I'm in Iowa. We both is the place to be. I love my high school friends to death, but our lives are just so different now. We have different priorities, friends, everything!!! It's so weird how much you grow and learn about yourself and life from meeting and being around different people. anyway...taco salad is ready...yes i love being home with mom cooking and taking care of me!


shabby cheek