Saturday, March 19, 2005

Spring Break over?!?!?!

Yes, this crazy week has come to an end. I am more in shock then anything. I thought I would have plenty of time to finish and get ahead in homework (ya...not even close) i was going to catch up on some movie watching, work out, and still be bored out of my freaking mind. Instead, to my surprise I actually was never bored. It always seemed like i had something to do and my list never ended. This just proves my point that there needs to be more hours in a day. If i didn't find myself bored in Castle Rock, stranded at my house for a week then the world must be ending.
Well i actually wasn't stranded here all the time...I went up to Golden, School of Mines thursday for St. Patrick's Day so my BF (best friend) could see her BF (boy friend)...ohh i'm soo funny :) It was fun to get out, but the couch was not cool to sleep on!! Then i woke up early to watch the boy's basketball game..but of course they don't show the freakin midwest games here. So i had to watch OK state while staring at the ticker at the top, pathetic! but we won anyway!! WOOP GO STATE!! next we play #1 unc...i'm praying for an upset! Then, last night i went to Regis University with Bo and Joe. And of course randomness fun ensued. I met girls from their volleyball team who i went to camps with the past 3 years, met a guy i used to play basketball with back in junior high rec leagues, met a guy from U of A who went a high school by Katelyn's and who played summer baseball with Scott, and saw a kid from high school wasted and fighting another guy. Weird i know! I told Deidre about the night and she was like how do you always meet the most random people and you have connections to them. I can honestly say...i have no idea how this happens, but it makes for great stories! Well now i have to finish laundry, packing, and reading!! back to Ames in the morning..i'm excited but at the same time i know what the next two weeks hold...tests, lip sync, Deltasig initation..and life in general..gah!



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