Wednesday, June 22, 2005

just like chocolate men go straight to your hips....

ok soo once again...i'm am awesomely bad at keeping this shiznat up, but i read my dear friend kate's blog and she inspired me to write.....
A lot has changed since i wrote those last blogs...its hard to even remember and go back that far to spring break and the week after....damn that was A LONG time ago. Its alright tho i'm a talker, i can catch everyone up!!!
lately i've just been working at american family insurance....yes i got the job because of daddy but i make good moolah and that is all that matters in life. Plus i get to sit online and chat with Deidre all day! what a life!
Tonight i watched mona lisa's smile for the first time...i know i'm a disgrace to womanhood! I really liked the movie...lately i feel like every movie has the same plot and story line so its interesting to see something unique. Last weekend i saw madagasgar (with my nephew so i'm not that much of a loser!) I would have to say that I liked was again very unique...i don't know when i decided i wasn't going to like the standard movie, eh whatever.
I am uber excited for friday/this weekend. I FINALLY get to move into the basement, have my own room, bathroom and huge walk in closet. I miss my posters, pictures and even my old mattress. I've been living in the guest bedroom while we get the basement finished and it has taken forever...but ahhh finally my own space!! Plus, friday deidre, megan and I are going to open up deidre's birthday bottle of bailey's and go swimming at a pool who's house meg is watching. The perks of knowing people right!?
ahh i am soo freakin kills i just got this new shit allergy medicine which is not working. I waited an hour and a half for this...ya i'm bitter night needs to be filled with more facebooking, finishing laundry and talking on the phone til 12...only 8 short days!!
i'm done...

shabby cheek