Thursday, September 15, 2005

long overdue.....

wow....its been a little over a month since i last posted...that's probably because i've been out of my mind busy. I finally got back to school, and it has been everything i expected and more. Sophomore year is the best, minus some little drama along the way but we can forget about that. From recruitment (which was amazing and i cannot wait until next year), to getting wonderful wonderful women into our sorority (i honestly could not ask for a better pledge class, i know the girls will keep things going just like my pledge class is), to getting to see my boyfriend who i missed ohh soo much, to rekindling friendships and realizing how important my sisters really are. Its been soo crazy from drunken weekends, to the ISU vs Iowa game, staying up late talking, dancing around and just being crazy girls. I LOVE IT!! this is what college is all about, and over the summer i didnt realize how much i really missed it all. Well i could go without one thing....the work, but this semester i have being going to all the SIs offered, i feel like such a nerd, but i really want to stay on top of things because i promised myself i would. I feel like i have finally found my place in the house, in school, ahh in life. Everything is kinda coming together, and its refreshing. Anyway..i'm off to study....and yes i am studying on a thursday night..who knew that could happen!!

shabby cheek