Friday, April 03, 2009

Bumper Stickers

One thing I really don't like- I know I have a lot of things- but something I find incredibly tacky.

BUMPER STICKERS! I am not talking about one or two on a car I am talking about enough that it completely covers up what type of car and what color of car you have. Really people? Why do you need all of those damn stickers?

I think it is a Golden thing- I see the same damn cars on the way to work everyday. 'Save the animals become a vegetarian', 'obama/biden', etc. Gag me....

I really want to just pull off the damn stickers so it leaves that white stickiness after, I would like to see the value of the car with all that sticker residue.

Ok, I am finished with my rant now...time for bed

shabby cheek