Saturday, June 20, 2009


i went on a really great hike at Apex was only sprinkling when i left however halfway up it started to pour! Needless to say Mandy, Griffin and I got soaked! It was fun though, I love getting out and seeing nature. It's rained here so much over the past week that all of the grasses and trees by the trail are so tall- Griffin wanted to run through.

We saw 4 little fawns on the site of the trail- they were so sweet and so trusting. One of them kept getting closer and closer to us....Mandy and I thought about poor Bambi, ha. Griffin was so funny at first he was disinterested in the deer but then after he kept looking up the hill to see if there were more. It was awesome to see them so close.

Now Griffin is passed out on the coach having puppy dog dreams and I am lounging around reading Cosmo! :)


shabby cheek