Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Music Today

So... I am going through the Itunes music store like I do periodically. Basically I like to stay abreast on new music coming out. As I look through the list...I am so disgusted and disappointed.
Here is a list of songs I found, feel free to laugh from these ridiculous titles like I did. And don't bother to listen to the song- believe me they're crap.

  • Ice Cream Paint Job by Dorrough [what a ridiculous name for a song]
  • Birthday Sex by Jeremih [worse then the song above]
  • I'm In Miami Bitch by LMFAO [white boys talking about getting crunch, enough said]
  • She Wolf by Shakira [ what happened to her, her Spanish music is good this is techno crap
Overall, these songs make me very upset. How can this crap be in the top 100 downloaded songs when REAL artists like Eric Hutchinson, James Morrison, Katie Herzig, Griffin House, etc are not up there.

Yet one other thing in life that baffles me...alright I am finished


shabby cheek