Thursday, October 01, 2009

Your social reputation

Saying that you can control your reputation is almost like an oxymoron. However, now that social media like Facebook, Twitter and even Blogger are at every one's fingertips people can post whatever they want about companies. What it comes down to is how a company controls their reputation and any criticism online.

Recently, Southwest Airlines had an fiasco with having a foot wide hole in their plane, but it was able to land safely. After the plane landed, passengers began sending in Tweets, Twitpics, and even YouTube. Essentially, starting to ruin their reputation as a reliable airline carrier. However, Christi Day their marketing manager began to twitter about the incident. She linked to the company's official statement, said that everyone on board would be refunded, and essentially defused what could have been feeding frenzy.

Social Media outlets have allowed companies and even celebrities take on the media and other criticizers. These medium can take the guessing came out of who said what and how things work. Southwest shows how intelligent they are as a company for stepping up to the plate and taking on the criticize. I seem them as a much reputable company now for taking a bad situation and turning it to good.


shabby cheek