Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Brands, Brands, Brands

Once during an interview I was asked what my favorite brand is. Believe me I was definitely taken aback. I went with Nike, explaining that it has taken sports starts and a simple smashed check mark and made it into one of the top selling brands of all times. Over the past few years since the interview I think this will still be my choice, although Apple would have to be high on my list now as well. During my generation I feel as though these two brands have completely set the way for how brands have become. They are status symbols, a part of our everyday life, and even made a fruit into a high end technology system.

What brands shaped your life/generation? Fast Company outlined how some of the top brands came to be. Check them out, I think it is interesting how something like a brand can mold why or how we buy products.


shabby cheek