Monday, June 28, 2010

Goals, Goals, Goals

At the beginning of the year my dear friend Monica told me how her and her husband set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals then compare to see if they are on the same page and to move forward as a couple.

Recently, Josh and I have decided to revisit these goals we set and wow how things change in 6 months! While we definitely have hit many of our day to day goals- aka laugh together, give a hug and kiss every night, pray, compliment someone. I have come very close to each of these goals daily- even though I don't see Josh daily so I will say a virtual hug and kiss will have to do.

I set my monthly goals to go to church at the minimum of once a month- which I have done and exceeded some months! Also I said I would work out about 3/4 days a week- which I have done. And I also said I would study 6 hours a week for the gmat and I haven't even looked at the books. Oops- That is why they are goals. This last goal will probably have to be tabled for the future, life has taken a hockey stick turn upward on the career path. So, I plan on waiting this out to see how I feel in 6 months, year, etc.

My yearly goals I said I wanted over $10k in my house savings account directly for the down payment. By taking on Stella & Dot I will be able to achieve this goal, which makes me so excited to think about my own backyard, front porch with a swing, and SPACE! I also said I will climb a 14ner- which I will complete this goal in about 2 weeks. I have been a hiking machine this past weekend I went up to 12,500 feet and Berthoud Pass. Which if you know me at all this is actually the location that Griffin was lost- it was VERY bittersweet to go up there. He was off leash while we hiked the 3 hours but not sure if I still trust him yet! {Picture of Berthoud Pass, imagine without as much snow! }

Overall, my goals are staying true and I am really holding up to them. It is a really good feeling!


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