Friday, October 08, 2010

Curtains, blah

Curtains- never been one of my favorite topics. When we saw the house, we loved the design they put into the curtains, nice tall windows (about 84 inches and 95 inches on others) with linen so that light can still come in. Well of course, they said, nope we're taking curtains. Thus it became my mission to find similar (and cheap) curtains.

I spent practically the entire month of August looking for these curtains- mind you curtains are not cheap at all! I knew I wanted the gromet top (something new I learned about) and I knew I wanted linen. So I found some good ones from Pottery Barn, West Elm, but they are all so expensive. For the dining room we need 6 of the same- that is a lot if they are expensive upwards of $40-$50 dollars a piece.

I love these:

But as I said 50 bucks a panel times 6 panels, not in this girl's budget. So I decided to shop around some more and found these awesome sheer white gromat topped for the dining room.

I found some awesome ones from JC Penny for $20 dollars a panel! Woop, totally doable. JC Penny's actually has some really great curtains for cheap, I was very excited. They offer to order them online, they have extra long length which is what we need for 84 and 95 inch windows.

I got white for the dining room, white for the office and brown for the guest bedroom- since the house is so open I wanted to keep things similar and consistant throughout the entire place.

I was so proud of my purchases and ready to move in...we walked in and poof. They left the curtains!! HA all of my hard work for nothing! I ended up taking the 6 white panels for the dining room back and keeping the linen ones they originally had (they had full linen set from Pottery Barn) a smidge nicer then my JC Penny's purchase! I switched out the curtains in the den and the guest room. Welp, that's what I get for being proactive ;)


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