Friday, September 03, 2010

Open Shelving

Back in college I lived in a beautiful castle which was built almost 100 years ago. The artitecture was amazing from the spiral staircase to our inside baloncy. There were rooms we called 'vanity row' that had these awesome built ins for each room- which comprised of the closet, a vanity with shelving and cabinets. So when I saw our house had the same features I was incredibly excited because it reminded me of my beloved Sorority.

After the ohh and aww wears off, I got to thinking what am I going to put in these open shelves and cases? I love what the current owners have in there now- dishwear! I have never been a tidy person....but here's to trying. I saw this post from The Newlywed Diaries on open shelving units. While I am not in love with any of the pictures of these open shelves I was inspired by some of these pictures I found.

Our shelving is white, our linen curtains are white (I will have a fun filled post about curtains...), the walls are a wheat color and the crown molding is white. So I thought these plates could be a nice pop of color to the room. Now, I definitely don't like going too crazy with color, but we found some very inexpensive plates to add that punch. We choose:

So once we have everything set up I will take pictures of the final project, but the idea that I have in mind for this open shelving seems like a good plan! :)


shabby cheek