Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's the little things....

You know they say it's the little things in life that makes you the most happy- for example, Josh got a 2,000 square feet of insulation for our attic for free (those hilarious pictures of us trying to roll it out will follow). But seriously, made my day today!
I made homemade chicken pot pie on Sunday- yes me, I know, I know, I can cook! Josh loved it, I thought it tasted great and I am shocked! I also made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for the fun of it, I have no idea what has gotten into me! But it made me happy to try something new and succeed- although Josh did help me as I get easy frazzled in the kitchen.

But best of all, this is what made my day yesterday...engagement pictures. Just a few to tease, and if you're wondering, yes, Griffin photographs better then the both of us! :)

shabby cheek