Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Great Curtain Debate

When I first went out on my home buying decor trips Josh always said, I trust you just get something that will not be too feminine. I kept this in mind when I bought all of the plain linen curtains, as well as photos for the house. However, I knew I wanted something in the master bedroom to punch up the colors. We only have my dressers and our plain comforter, so there needed to be something else. I knew Cost Plus World Market would be the place to do it and was I right. They have the CUTEST curtains ever. If I were a single gal I would dress my place up in their curtains. Look at all these awesome patterns and colors:

Number 1:

Number 2:

Number 3:

Number 4:

Number 5:

The best part about this is that their curtains are under $30 dollars a panel for good quality- there is lining backing them and some are gromat tops. I didn't think any of them were too femine, but Josh on the other hand was none too pleased. I sent him pictures of the 5 above and he was not sold. He didn't like all of the pasley, and 'flowers' (none of which have actual flowers on them). One day I found myself at Cost Plus World Market and decided you know what I am buying the curtains, putting them up, I know if he sees them he will like them. I figured this tactic was a good move and also the option of 'we can always take them back if we don't like them'. Which one do you think I chose??
If you guessed number 5 you win! The color scheme goes exactly with the whole house- dark chocolate brown, smidge of blue, greens, burnt red.
So I put them up and what do you know- it's been 3 weeks and no complaints! :)


pjenson said...

They are all pretty heinous.

shabby cheek