Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I am extremely grateful that I have a beautiful new house! :) Closing went great last Friday and we even got the keys early, the sellers are wonderful and so fanastic to work with! It is such a blessed time, crazy time, but so fun to be a homeowner! So here is what I am grateful for:

Josh...if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have been able to afford such a wonderful house by myself. I am so happy to share this new experience with him.

Griffin!! He absolutely adores the house, he runs in and outside and around all the rooms. He is still trying to manage the wood floors, but luckily is able to manage them when it comes to bed time..hmm.

My parents and Josh's ( I don't have a picture of them digitally!) parents have helped us move, my mom lined every drawer in my kitchen (never something I would do) she has taken days off work to just help empty boxes, bought us all new bathroom ware! My dad has given us blinds, paintings and restoring our dining room table. Josh's mom bought us an awesome housewarming gift of a new flatscreen! Yes, I will finally be able to see the scores! :)

I am grateful for very many things in life and over the past week with things at work and the house I realized I need to really count my blessings! :)


shabby cheek