Tuesday, July 05, 2005

fireworks all weekend long!

so....i had probably one of the best weekends ever. My wonderful boyfriend came out! He is the sweetest bc. he brought me yellow roses (my fav) when he came to work. Honestly...i was expecting the worst, i know that sounds bad but i always anticipate too much. It's hard to go from seeing someone everyday to not seeing someone for 2 months! It was just like we had never left eachother. I feel like he is my best friend but at the same time i like him. I've never really felt like this its amazing! Its really weird because i never realized that i needed to find someone who was the opposite of me.....i freak out about little stupid stuff and he is totally calm and chill. I just realized this weekend how we completement eachother like that!
We went camping in Buena Vista with my friends from high school, drank a lot, went hiking ( you can tell from the picture how we felt about the hike!! lol) , went to the hot springs, a foam party, a bbq, and watched fireworks. It was tons-o-fun!! It is just nice to finally be in a stage of my life where i have a serious, no drama and mature relationship! When i was younger i always thought ohh i have this huge crush on a guy ohh i will never feel like this ever about a boy. and now i'm like it doesn't have to be like that at all. I have been scared of getting into a relationship with him because i've always been the type to crush hard, then loose it fast. But luckily its not like that at all...and i am soo happy :)
And well i am off to another week of work, watching TV, and being lazy..but Jill comes out this weekend! woop woop it should be fun!
i'm out for now!


shabby cheek