Thursday, July 07, 2005

It's Great Britain- it's not called 'Great' for nothing

I got this title from an article i was reading about the bombings in London. It is soo sad to hear about what has happened over there. Reading the articles and thinking about what it must have been like brings tears to my eyes. Those poor people were just going to another normal day of work and because some stupid people decided to play God today their lives and people around them live's have completely changed. No longer is any where safe....and it's a scary thought. Back when war was war, there was a battlefield. Now it seems to some, anywhere is fair game: buses, subways, office buildings, trains. Honestly who believes that these bombings are accomplishing anything. It is soo confusing to me how the Islamic terrorists can actually go about killing innocent people; on purpose! How can they live with themselves? This to me just reaffirms why we are fighting terrorism in Iraq, Afgahnastan...everywhere. We cannot let them continue doing this to civilians, and we need to start at the breeding grounds to change them. Back 60 some years ago, there were concentration cames and the extermination of millions of Jews. We thought then (and still now) that that is the worst possible thing imaginable that humans could do to each other. But now look at it...everywhere is a battle field. I am scared to think about what it will be like for my children and what kind of things they will have to endure. Where will the terrorist go next? Homes, schools....ahh its just soo scary to think about.
wow...i feel much more clam now that that's out of my system..phew!!


shabby cheek