Sunday, July 31, 2005

There's really no way to reach me....

...cuz i'm already gone. That's how i feel...I feel soo over everything. I am ready for something new, exciting aka school. I'm tired of trying to get back in touch with ISU friends, just get me there and we can pick up where we were. I'm done with talking with my boyfriend on the phone its so blaise. I'm done trying to make an effort with Colorado friends. The summer is over...... I'm just urg in a weird funk. I think it might be the shock that i'm actually going back, i donno. I feel like i'm going through motions lately. It's sad but i think going back to school will change it. Its not that i'm depressed or sad or anything like that. Its just like i'm living but not really LIVING. Kinda sad eh? But i can just wait 5 days for that to change ( or so i hope)...anyway..
bedtime..i'm getting my hair cut tomorrow and its my parent's company picnic..yeppie....


shabby cheek