Tuesday, July 12, 2005

back to a normal week....

All i have to say is that i officially hate computers....so after not even a year my hard drive on my computer completely died! Seriously how the hell does that even happen? I lost all my pictures, music, urghhh just my LIFE!! ok i know i am being a little over dramatic but it really pisses me off bc i don't want to spend the rest of my summer redoing my computer!
Anyway...other then that everything is just rolling along. After two very busy weekends i am finally back to normal and back to working at Belmar-the children's hour- on weekends. Last weekend was so much fun because Jill came out from Illinois. We went to a drive-in movie..those are always fun especially when its nice out. We saw War of the Worlds and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. All i have to say is save your money and don't go see War of the Worlds! I am definitely not one of the harshes critics on movies, but seriously it was soooo corny!! Hearing Dakota Fanning scream every 2 seconds got annoying and the ending was the worst thing i've ever seen. You'd expect somethign from Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise to be better... On the other hand I expected the worst from Mr. and Mrs. Smith and surprisingly it was good. I hate that Brad Pitt is with Angelina bc she is (just as this 40 year old guy at work calls her) a whore. Eww..she's just gross. But it was actually an interesting movie and there was a really interesting twist. Anyway...Saturday Jill and I met D and Megan for lunch @ 16th street mall in denver then jill and i shopped around. It was fun just to people watch...and this woman on the mall ride comes up to Jill and I and asks for money. Of course both of us are like no sorry we don't have any, then this woman goes ohh ya sure you don't! I know you have some you just don't want to give any to me. You watch out someday you will be in need of money and someone won't give it to you. You watch...someday.... Ya it creeped us out! We were like wow seriously sorry we don't give money to random people on the mall ride....so i guess if I find myself poor with no money i know who to thank, she probably put a hex on us or something! lol So then Saturday night I had a party at my house, yes my parents are becoming 'the cool' parents. It was fun just to drink with the girls and play power hour and just get crunked, but it was a real buzz kill when our ass of friends didn't show up and didn't call us to tell us. Needless to say the crazy drunks in all of us came out...we called Tim probably 20 times and left messages of us screaming/singing songs on his message machine we know he hates...we think we're pretty funny!! So watch out if you ever piss us off you might just get to listen to us sing songs for 5 minutes.
anyway.....i must go..i'm re-reading the book 7 habits of highly effective teens. Well it helped in High school, so hopefully it will help in college. I need to get my priorities back in gear, while still having fun. Plus, its just a nice read to make you feel good about yourself, learn more about yourself, and learn different ways you can change your life for the better. Always a good thing!
Only 3 weeks of summer left...wow time sure does fly!!


shabby cheek